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Partner with Cost Plus Medical Technologies: A Premier Opportunity for Resellers

Cost Plus Medical Technologies is committed to delivering high-quality, accurate, and dependable COVID-19 testing solutions. Resellers have a unique opportunity to expand their portfolio with our cutting-edge products, ensuring clients receive state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Our range of COVID-19 test kits, including the Cost Plus Flu A/B & COVID-19 At Home Test and the Cost Plus Flu A/B & COVID-19 Test, position you at the forefront of the health technology market.

Why Choose Cost Plus Medical Technologies?

  1. Innovative and Reliable Products:
    • Proven Accuracy: Both test kits demonstrate high levels of sensitivity and specificity, offering precise results within 10 minutes. This helps build trust and assures your customers of the tests’ reliability.
    • Multiplex Testing: These rapid tests not only detect SARS-CoV-2 but also distinguish between influenza A and B, adding considerable value in today’s health landscape.
  2. Market Demand:
    • High Demand: The ongoing need for rapid and reliable COVID-19 testing presents resellers with a lucrative market opportunity. Add influenza diagnostics, and you cover an even broader spectrum.
    • Home and Professional Usage: Our products cater to both individual at-home testing and clinical or organizational bulk buying, allowing you to target multiple market segments.
  3. Competitive Edge:
    • User-Friendly Kits: Designed for ease of use, they require no professional supervision or complicated procedures, which makes them highly sellable to a broad audience.
    • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from our marketing materials, training, and dedicated account management to help you succeed in your resale efforts.
  4. Attractive Margins:
    • Wholesale Pricing: Enjoy competitive pricing that allows for attractive resale margins. Our scalable pricing structures ensure that you can grow your business profitably.
    • Promotional Support: Leverage our promotional assets to enhance your sales and marketing activities, capturing a wider audience.

Who Can Resell Our Products?

  1. Medical Supply Distributors: Expand your product range with high-demand COVID-19 and influenza test kits.
  2. Retailers: Health and wellness stores can tap into a growing market with reliable, easy-to-use testing solutions.
  3. Online Marketplaces: Equip your e-commerce platform with essential health diagnostics products, catering to a health-conscious customer base.
  4. Corporate Wholesale Resellers: Provide businesses with the tools they need to maintain a safe working environment.

How to Partner with Us

  1. Contact Us: Our reseller program starts with a simple conversation. Visit the Contact Us page on our website or reach out directly via phone or email to get started.
  2. Account Setup: Once your reseller account is created, you gain access to our extensive product line, competitive pricing, and promotional resources.
  3. Training and Resources: We provide comprehensive training and marketing materials to ensure you and your team are equipped to sell our products successfully.
  4. Launch and Support: Begin reselling with confidence, knowing that our dedicated account managers are here to support you every step of the way.

Secure Your Reseller Opportunity Today

At Cost Plus Medical Technologies, we believe in forging lasting partnerships with resellers who are committed to delivering exceptional health technologies. By incorporating our innovative, high-demand COVID-19 test kits into your product offerings, you not only meet market needs but also contribute to public health and safety.

Join us in transforming the way individuals and organizations approach diagnostic testing. For more information or to become a reseller, contact our sales team today and embark on a journey toward mutual success.